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Homestead Core


Homestead core is a collection of packages and modules that are used to build an app with Homestead.

Since homestead is built on top of FastAPI it is possible to use anything from FastAPI, however, there are certain things that we have overloaded to make FastAPI work better as an app building platform than just an api.

The base app

When developing an app with FastAPI you will have to import FastAPI and create an app.
The same is true for Homestead. However, your app will import Homestead and create a Homestead app.

from homestead import Homestead

app = Homestead()


Homestead uses FastAPI's routing system to handle requests. We have decided that every route must be contained within a router to make it possible to automatically import all of your routes for you. This means any router you create will automatically be registered with the app.

Since Homestead is aimed at building apps as well as APIs we created a new router called WebRouter which is a clone of FastAPI's APIRouter but it overwrites the include_in_schema to be false. This means the routes will not be included in the OpenAPI schema.